My name is Nathaniel Blake Stephens and I am a Junior at The University of Texas at Austin. Currently majoring in Advertising, my goal is to help innovate the way visuals and copy work together.
Growing up in Austin, TX, I've been around one of the fastest growing infrastructures in the nation. Because of this I have been able to see advertising and marketing at it's finest with the emergence of hundreds of new businesses. I hope to take my experiences from Austin to help innovate and improve the way ads are seen in the future.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been fine-tuning my graphic design skills while learning as much about the advertising world as possible to lead the change from bad visuals to intuitive and exciting artwork that can showcase a brand's vision.

My past projects include:
Leading a recycling pilot project that implemented new recycling and trash bins that are used by over 1,000 students each year
Overall apparel sales of over 600 products accumulating profits of over $1,600
Designed and distributed Inter-fraternity Council (IFC) RFID wristbands for UT's annual Roundup event that brings in over 15,000 students and raises over $100k in philanthropy donations

When I’m not on the job, I love hiking, reading, writing, drawing, rubbing my cat & dog's belly, cooking, and indulging my love for seeing new places.
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